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Prime Miniter Lee Nak-yonLee Nak-yon

Prime Minister's Biography
1952, Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanamdo
Prime Minister's Biography
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Education 1974 College of Law of Seoul National University with a Bachelor’s degree in Law, Seoul, Korea
1970 Jeil High School in Gwangju
Prime Minister's Biography
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Career 1979 Political Journalist of Donga Ilbo
1990 Tokyo Correspondent of Donga Ilbo
1994 Deputy Head of Political Desk at Donga lbo
1997 Editorialist of Donga Ilbo
1999 Head of the International Department at Donga Ilbo
2000-2004 16th National Assembly Member
2000-2001 Chairman of the 1st Policy Adjustment Committee of the Democratic Party
2000-2001 Assistant Administrator of the Special Committee for the Inter-Korean Reconciliation,
Cooperation, and Exchanges of the Democratic Party
2001-2002 Spokesman of the Democratic Party
2002 Spokesman of the 16th Presidential Election Task Force of the Democratic Party
2002-2003 Spokesman of Roh Moo-hyun, the President-Elect
2003 Representative Chief Secretary of the Democratic Party
2004-2006 Floor Leader of the Democratic Party
2007 Deputy Party Leader of the Democratic Party
2007 Supreme Member of the Moderate United Democratic Party
2007-2008 Spokesman of the United New Democratic Party
2004-2008 17th National Assembly Member
2008-2012 18th National Assembly Member
2008-2010 Chairman of the National Assembly’s Food, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Committee
2010-2011 Secretary General of the Democratic Party
2010-2012 Chairman of Committee at the Democratic Party in Jeollanam-do
2012-2014 19th National Assembly Member
2014-2017 Governor of Jeollanam-do
May 2017 present 45th Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea